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Машҳур шахмат сайтларининг бирида Нодирбек Абдусатторов ҳақида

2017-10-31  |   просмотров: 590

Машҳур шахмат сайтларининг бирида Нодирбек Абдусатторов ҳақида

Abdusattorov becomes second youngest GM in the history of chess beating Negi's record

Nodirbek Abdusattorov has GM norms from last year's Chigorin Memorial and from Abu Dhabi 2017. And now he's added a third in the Chigorin Memorial in St. Petersburg this weekend. Combined with a rating over 2500 he has met the qualifications for the GM title several months ahead of the previous record held by Parimarjan Negi. The boy is a huge talent and a lot can be expected of him from future. As for now Karjakin's record of 12 years 7 months remains intact and Praggnanandhaa has five months to break it!


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